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Standalone Perspex Screen Versus Permanent Fixtures

Due to the dreaded virus cough and sneeze guards are becoming more commonplace in shops.

Along with other social distancing rules, cough screens have become the new norm. Across supermarkets, we see them being used to separate customers from cashiers and even at self checkout to keep people apart. 

Cough screens are becoming a vital part of fighting the coronavirus and preventing it from spreading any further. 

In this blog post, we will be discussing:

  • The Rise in Cough Screens
  • The Difference Between a Perspex Screen and a Permanent Fixture.
  • Benefits of a Permanent Fixture 

The Rise in Cough Screens

With the Coronavirus sweeping throughout the world, consumers have been seeing a rise in shops and local businesses using cough screens. 

A cough screen or sneeze guard is an acrylic or glass screen which is used to protect people and put space between them and others. 

When individuals cough, sneeze or even breathe close to others, they can become exposed to micro droplets. This increases the speed of which the virus is spreading. 

Whilst cough screens have been used for many years in restaurants and other food establishments, we are now seeing them utilised in everyday stores. The majority of shops today are using them to put space between the cashier and the customer. 

This is because a requirement has been passed in the UK that every ‘essential’ store during this crisis has to have a cough or sneeze screen which is ‘above the average head height’. This ensures that everybody remains safe and can abide by the social distancing laws.

The Difference Between a Perspex Screen and a Permanent Fixture.

A cough or sneeze screen will usually be made out of acrylic or glass. This is so they are easy to clean and people are able to interact through them without having to get too close to one another.

Both a standalone perspex screen and a permanent fixture are made from similar materials, however, they both have different positives and negatives when it comes to utilizing them in stores. 

As the name suggests, a standalone perspex screen is a type of cough screen which stands free of any fixture. It is placed on the ground or a shelving unit and will stay upright without having to be fixed into the wall.

Whereas a permanent fixture is the opposite. This protective cough screen will be screwed into a wall of ceiling.

Benefits of a Permanent Fixture 

With the social distancing rules relaxing a little and people now being allowed to go outside without being limited by time, it has opened up the opportunity for more businesses being able to reopen.

However, along with some of the laws dropping, a lot of countries are seeing a spike in their confirmed coronavirus cases as many people are choosing to take the rules less seriously. 

People are now choosing to begin seeing their friends again, go out more often and spend more time around each other. 

This has led to a lot of officials to say that the Coronavirus may never be truly gone. 

In fact, they are expecting a rise around Christmas time and next summer, as people tend to come together in large groups leading to a wider spread of the virus. 

With a permanent fixture screen, your business will already be prepared for this. You won’t have to scramble to find an appropriate cough screen because you will already have one permanently fixed in your shop or local business.

Secondly, our screens are optically clear. One of the main problems that come along with fixing screens into your store is that it could take away that personable feeling that you get with your customers.

 Whilst at the moment, it is a matter of health over customer experience, you always want to make sure that you can see and interact with your regulars. 

A cough screen still allows you to do that. Our screens are easy to clean and are completely unobstructive when it comes to serving and talking with your customers.

Thirdly, our screens are robust and in the long run, offer you a much more cost efficient way of protecting your customers and staff members.

 A standalone perspex screen will often be out on the shop floor, meaning it’s open to a lot of damage. As these screens are not fixed into a wall or counter, they can be extremely flimsy and will break after long-time use. With a permanent fixture, you won’t have to worry about this. 

Along with this, standalone perspex screens aren’t customisable. When purchasing one, they usually only come in a few sizes. This can mean your screen is too big or too small. 

Either way, it isn’t optimising your space in the most efficient way for you or your customers.  

Here at ​DIA Systems Limited, we have over 20 years of experience. We have been providing bespoke and stocked aluminium profiles throughout the retail industry for years and we know what your business needs. As well as our standard range of screens, we can make bespoke sizes and configurations which will suit any shape of shop. 

Whether you are looking for a standard ‘L Shaped’ cough screen or need something a little more customised, we will be able to offer you a simple and easy journey when it comes to installing your screen.

If you need any more advice or are looking for a customisable cough screen for your shop, we can help! Give us a call now if you are looking for a screen to help protect your staff and business.